• Preparing Children For The Future Of Work.

          An estimate of
          800 million jobs
          today will be replaced with automation by 2030

          – McKinsey Global Institute

          Kids Activities in Singapore for the Future

          We help children build 21st century competencies from a young age, through






          STEM Education to Foster 21st Century Skills & Competencies:

          We go beyond just teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Art as subjects. More importantly, we help kids acquire the important skills and competencies that will benefit them throughout their growing path.









          LEVEL 1

          Robotics Fundamentals

          LEVEL 2

          Designing Robots

          LEVEL 3

          Making Robots Move

          LEVEL 4

          Command and Control Robots

          What We Offer

          HOLIDAY CAMP



          When awesome people say awesome things about Future Ready Academy, we love showcasing the love here. Please take a look.


          Don’t take our word for what we say, there are parents talking about how awesome we are. Please take a look.

          “My son had a great time both during the Halloween Edition of Robotics Fun Time and his week-long Robotics Camp. He loved the way the lessons were conducted. The instructor demonstrated the concept and he’s free to construct anything. He loved the instructor’s guidance that refined and/ or corrected his robot design he built. He’s able to focus without distractions. In fact, he had been grumbling about the 3-hours lessons being too short. He hoped it could last longer.”
          – Ee Ping, Tan Mother of Jou Hoe, Ng

          “My son had a great time today at the academy. It was enriching and fun as he tried with drones and food experiments. It was a totally different experience compared to other camps that he has attended. Special thanks to May too. She was patient and accommodating to our needs which is something beyond what she needs to do. Thanks again for making the day to be such a wonderful one for my son. Strongly recommend the camps for kids who are keen for a different learning and experience.”
          – Khim

          “The courses they provided are very interesting and appropriate for kids. Also, the admin staff & teachers are very nice, friendly and professional!”
          – Fanwen Meng

          “Excellent place to pick up skills on coding and robotic. They have good manager and passionate teachers.”
          – June Aw


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